Online Form - MALC's February Friend-Referral!

Unlock Your Best Year Yet with MALC's February Friend-Referral!

Existing MALC members, get ready to level up your fitness game! Refer a friend in February, and both of you enjoy 4 WEEKS FREE on your memberships after 5 months! 

How it works:

  • Existing MALC Members refer a friend (or friends)
  • Your friend signs up for a minimum 6 month (6 or 12 month or on a fortnightly direct debit), membership commencing in the month of February 2024
  • Share the perks of 4 weeks free on both your memberships (applicable after 5 months)
  • If you refer more than one friend, you receive the 4 weeks free for every qualified member!


  • Friend should be new to MALC or not have been a member at MALC within the last 12 months.
  • Friend must join the Centre and commence their membership anytime during the month of February 2024.
  • The free 4 weeks is applied after 5 months of membership for the friend. Both friend and member must have continually held their membership to receive the 4 weeks free.
  • Members on direct debit must be up to date with their membership payments when the referral bonus becomes due in order to receive the 4 weeks free.
  • MALC member can refer as many friends as they like, earning a 4 week reward for each friend that qualifies.
  • All membership types are included in the refer a friend Feb promo.
  • The members free 4 weeks will be the same as the membership type the member is on during the 5th
    month (when the reward becomes due).
  • Both Friend and members details must be recorded on a “Refer a Friend” form at the time of joining (late forms will not be accepted). Friends that join online, must complete a “Refer a Friend” web form prior to joining (late forms will not be accepted).