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Hydrotherapy Pool 

The hydrotherapy pool is heated to a temperature of between 33.5 – 34 degrees with a depth range of between 0.9 – 1.35 metres.

The hydrotherapy pool is located in a separate pool hall space with a controlled access door from our lap and leisure pools and has a built-in access ramp for easy entry and is equipped with water jets, a disability hoist and a water wheelchair for customer use. 

Our hydrotherapy pool is a premium facility offered at the MALC and is used for a wide range of activities including infant swimming lessons, aqua fitness classes, rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes, and is an additional fee to our normal pool entry fee.

An age restriction of 16 years or older applies, with the following exceptions; 

  • The patron is participating in an approved MALC program (i.e. swimming lessons)
  • A child has been approved access of the hydrotherapy pool by the Duty Supervisor due to needing the pool for therapy (i.e. athlete who requires rehab for injury) and has paid the appropriate concession access fee.

Click here to view Hydrotherapy Pool availability. Please note:

1 represents the Hydrotherapy Pool is available at this time.

X represents the pool is either closed or no space available at this time.