Specialised Classes

Fit for Life (60mins) Low-Moderate

FFL Gym A low impact exercise class that increases fitness levels through a range of exercises that work the entire body, strengthening muscles and bones. All fitness levels welcome.

FFL Cardio A fun class that is designed to improve the coordination and flexibility of our Senior population.

Hot Water Yoga (45mins) Low-Moderate

Hot Water Yoga is held in the warmth of our Hydrotherapy Pool. The warm water not only encourages circulation, healing and relaxation, it also supports your weight, taking pressure off your joints and allowing for deeper stretches and longer lasting releases of tension.

A floating meditation is the perfect ending to this class, supported on pool noodles you can just surrender to the nurturing support of the water.

MY Active Teen (45mins) Gym

Specialised teen gym sessions for MY Active Teen Members.

Strength for Life (60mins) Low Impact

The Strength for Life program promotes health and well-being and is designed to enable people 50 years and over to access affordable, fun and supervised training sessions. Participants in the Strength for Life program engage in progressive strength training, using appropriate and increasingly heavy resistance under the supervision of fitness professionals.

Water Walking (45mins) Low

Water walking is easy on the joints is more effective than walking on land. The turbulence in water creates an unstable environment encouraging the core muscles of the body to become stronger to maintain correct position and posture. There will be some additional exercises keeping the class fun and motivating. The sessions are safe for Seniors and are an excellent cardio and resistance training exercise option.