Group Fitness Class Descriptions

There are over 50 group fitness classes per week and if you can't make an instructor-led class you can keep fit in a virtual class or a class 'on demand' in our upstairs studio. Our popular yoga classes take place in the clubroom. The MALC's group fitness options include spin classes in our indoor cycling studio and aqua fitness in our lap pool along with many other fun classes to choose from!

Aqua Balance (45mins) Low

Is an excellent and a safe form of exercise for Seniors, people with limited mobility and joint or muscle pain. Aqua Balance is conducted in our warm Hydrotherapy Pool and incorporates some of the principles of Tai Chi, stretching and relaxation.

Aqua Fit (55mins) Low-Moderate

A water workout designed to tone your entire body, encourage flexibility, fitness and well-being. Classes use the resistance and buoyancy of water to ensure you work hard. Aqua Fit is held in warm chest deep water.

Aqua Turbo (30mins) Moderate-High

An intense cardio workout in the water. This fitness challenge demands higher activation of core muscles, postural alignment and muscular endurance. Utilising a variety of different training methods and Aqua HIIT Training.

Chair Balance (45mins) Low

Another specialised MALC program that helps people to feel good through safe, effective programming. By utilising a chair as support, seniors can engage in a safe and comfortable workout that is tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Fit Box (55mins) Moderate-High

Fit Box involves short bursts of intense training, followed by brief periods of rest. It also includes boxing combinations, boxing moves and techniques and cardio drills. Fit Boxing classes are a proven way to build muscle, burn fat and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Fit for Life (FFL) Gym & Cardio (60mins) Low-Moderate

FFL Gym A low impact exercise class that increases fitness levels through a range of exercises that work the entire body, strengthening muscles and bones. All fitness levels welcome.

FFL Cardio A fun class that is designed to improve the coordination and flexibility of our Senior population.

HIIT Cycle (30mins) High

HIIT Cycle is great for people with limited time to train. Constant variation of intensity keeps your mind focused and makes your workout more engaging. HIIT increases your VO2 max quick and fast.

Hot Water Yoga (45mins) Low-Moderate

Hot Water Yoga is held in the warmth of our Hydrotherapy Pool. The warm water not only encourages circulation, healing and relaxation, it also supports your weight, taking pressure off your joints and allowing for deeper stretches and longer lasting releases of tension.

A floating meditation is the perfect ending to this class, supported on pool noodles you can just surrender to the nurturing support of the water.

Les Mills Body Attack (55, 45 or 30mins) Moderate-High 

VIRTUAL AND ON DEMAND SESSIONS ONLY. BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy fitness class with combined athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. 

Les Mills Body Balance (55mins) Low-Moderate

Pre-choreographed LesMills class combining elements of Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Tai Chi & Meditation. This class helps to lengthen muscle, release tension & leave you with an overall sense of balance & calm. Body Balance is also available in Virtual and On Demand formats 55, 45 or 30-minute workouts.

Les Mills Body Pump (55mins) Moderate

Program is based on THE REP EFFECT: a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light to moderate weights, while performing high repetitions – the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle. At MALC we use SmartBars™, the latest in bar and weight technology. Body Pump is also available in Virtual and On Demand formats 55, 45 or 30-minute workouts.

Les Mills Core (55, 45 or 30mins) Moderate-High

VIRTUAL AND ON DEMAND SESSIONS ONLY. CORE™ provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body while chiseling your waist line. A stronger core makes you better at all things you do – it's the glue that holds everything together.

Les Mills Dance (45mins) Moderate-High

VIRTUAL AND ON DEMAND SESSIONS ONLY. A high-energy workout that will reinvent the way you move and sweat! Simple to master and a great option for those who want to improve their dance skills while getting fit or for anyone who loves to dance.

Les Mills RPM (50 or 30mins) Moderate-High

VIRTUAL AND ON DEMAND SESSIONS ONLY. Immerse yourself on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. In an RPM workout you repeatedly rotate the pedals to reach your cardio peak then ease back down, keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness.

My Active Teen (45mins)

Specialised teen gym sessions for MY Active Teen Members.

Pilates Mat (45mins) Moderate-High

Enhance your coordination, strength, balance and posture through a series of targeted, full body exercises. By using your body weight to create resistance and tension, you'll work out multiple muscle groups for a comprehensive fitness experience. 

Re-boot (30mins) Moderate-High

Varying intervals of cardio and/or strength exercises paired with active recovery. This HIIT workout will increase your heart rate while improving strength, boosting your power and endurance.

Strength Cycle (45mins) Moderate-High

More than just a ride! Jump on and ride through rotating intense cardiovascular training on the bike, with off-the-bike Strength work, to create a stronger, more balanced body. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Strength for Life (60mins) Low

The Strength for Life program promotes health and well-being and is designed to enable people 50 years and over to access affordable, fun and supervised training sessions. Participants in the Strength for Life program engage in progressive strength training, using appropriate and increasingly heavy resistance under the supervision of fitness professionals.

TRX - Suspension Training (45mins) Moderate-High

TRX Suspension Training is a total body resistance exercise using bands to do multiple exercises suitable for all fitness levels.

Water Walking (45mins) Low

Water walking is easy on the joints is more effective than walking on land. The turbulence in water creates an unstable environment encouraging the core muscles of the body to become stronger to maintain correct position and posture. There will be some additional exercises keeping the class fun and motivating. The sessions are safe for Seniors and are an excellent cardio and resistance training exercise option.

Worx (45mins) Moderate - High

Worx is a full body strength and conditioning program specifically designed to improve muscular strength, endurance, speed, power, fitness, mobility and body composition.

You will experience a variety of exercises and training styles to help you become stronger and fitter.

Yin Yoga (75mins) Low

Yin Yoga is a slow, restorative, and meditative form of Yoga. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue so you will be led through a slow practice where the muscles in the body become relaxed as you sink into the fascia. All Yin Yoga postures are practised on the floor in a seated or lying down position. Yin postures are held one to five minutes to create a self-myofascial release and supportive props are used to deepen the postures. Yin Yoga is for anyone looking to improve flexibility, meditate, and relax.

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