Our Stay Active classes are suited for beginners and seniors to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. 

Aqua Fit (55mins) Low-Moderate

A water workout designed to tone your entire body, encourage flexibility, fitness and well-being. Classes use the resistance and buoyancy of water to ensure you work hard. Aqua Fit is held in warm chest deep water.

Chair Balance (45mins) Low

Another specialised MALC program that helps people to feel good through safe, effective programming. By utilising a chair as support, seniors can engage in a safe and comfortable workout that is tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Stay Active Low Impact & Gym (60mins) Low

Stay Active Low Impact - A fun class that is designed to improve the coordination and flexibility of our Senior population. (Formerly Fit for Life Cardio)

Stay Active Gym - A low impact exercise class that increases fitness levels through a range of exercises that work the entire body, strengthening muscles and bones. All fitness levels welcome. (Formerly Fit for Life Gym)