Welcome to Myzone at MALC!
Unlock the power of personalised fitness tracking with Myzone, available at our Pro Shop. This innovative fitness tool empowers you to monitor your progress and smash your fitness goals.
With its user-friendly interface and real-time tracking capabilities, you'll be able to track your efforts, analyse your results and make adjustments as needed all in one convenient platform. 
Accessing Myzone is now even easier. MZ-Open is here, the latest game-changer that lets you tap into the full potential of the Myzone ecosystem directly from your Apple or Android smartwatch.  With MZ-Open you're not just tracking your progress - you're joining a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Register in Centre and scan the QR code on our Myzone screens to dive into a world of fitness innovation. 
Ready to join the Myzone revolution? Simply visit our Pro Shop today to discover Myzone, MZ-Open, Myzone 3 or Myzone Switch. It's time to redefine your fitness journey and unleash your full potential with Myzone. 

How to get Started with MZ-Open

Download the Myzone app and create an account

Head to the MALC reception for registration and payment

Open the Myzone app on your phone and tap Devices from the Menu or the device icon in the top right corner of your screen.  

Follow the instructions on your phone and your watch will be synced with the Myzone app. 

Sync Smart Watch

  1. Open MZ app on your Phone
  2. Click devices
  3. Add new device
  4. Choose Smart Watch
  5. Open App on Smart Watch
  6. Choose Workout – click watch
  7. Open Camera on phone & scan QR Code on our Myzone screens


 Join boards / TV

  1. Open watch on app and select workout
  2. Open camera on phone & scan QR code

To stop your watch and get out of MZ swipe Left 

NOTE: The QR codes are different in each area e.g. group fitness, gym & virtual. Users must scan each area you attend.

MZ-Open Troubleshooting

Start by ensuring your MZ-Open device is added in your Devices and that your subscription status is active under Help>Support.

Make sure your subscription is active and your device is synced.

  1. Tap the device icon at the top of your screen. You should see your Apple/Android watch listed as a device. If you do not, tap add a new device and follow the prompts to sync your watch. You will need your watch on hand with the Myzone app added and launched.
  2. Check your subscription by tapping the menu, then clicking Help>Support. It should say Subscription Status: True under the MZ-Open License section. If it does not, please speak with your gym to activate your subscription.

Check Device Settings

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Myzone app on your phone and watch. With the Myzone app on your watch closed, go to your Updates and check for new updates in the Watch App>My Watch>Installed on Apple Watch. The watch app is located in the Utilities section.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on.
  3. Make sure you have the following permissions on:

iOS  - Apple health 
Go to settings, health > Myzone > Everything should be enabled.

Android  - this varies by device. You will receive these prompts on your first workout using your watch sensor. You must allow them all to log your workouts.

  • Use precise or high accuracy location while using the app.
  • Allow Myzone access to your physical activity.
  • Allow Myozne to access sensor data about your vital signs while using the app.
  • Allow Myzone to send you notifications (optional but helps us diagnose problems if they arise.)
  • To reset these for troubleshooting:
  • Open the apps menu and select Myzone
  • Select 'Clear data.'
  • This will prompt the profile to resync and ask these questions again, which will be the best way to correct anything that was missed.
  1. Ensure your device is compatible by checking here 

Try these steps if you are still having trouble:

  • Remove the watch from the list of devices in the Myzone app (tap the device icon to access this list) and re-add it.
  • Remove and reinstall the watch app.
  • Restart your watch.
  • Try the combination of removing the watch from your list of devices in the Myzone app, removing and reinstalling the Myzone watch and phone app
  • Contact our support team via the app by tapping 'Menu > Help > Support', if none of the above steps help.


How do I start a workout with MZ-Open on my watch? 

Open the Myzone app on your watch. Select your device, then choose your activity. The watch will take a moment to find your pulse, countdown and then your tile will appear. If you would like to use the app as well, open the app there and tap My Tile to see your effort and access the other in-app features, such as zone match classes or the fitness test. If you are at a Myzone-enabled gym, scan their QR code to display your tile on their screen. You will need to keep your phone app nearby to stay on screen.  

Can I add a device to my Myzone account after I subscribe to MZ-Open?

You can easily add a Myzone device to your account in the app. Tap the device icon at the top of any screen. Tap 'Add a new device' > Myzone device and enter your device’s serial number found on the back of your module.  

How long do I have to wait after signing up to work out using MZ-Open?  

You can immediately begin using your watch with Myzone once you are set up with MZ-Open.  

Does my watch need to be synchronized to my phone? 

Yes. When you are signing up to MZ-Open, if you have not done so already, you will be instructed to syncchronize your watch to your phone. 

How do I connect my Smart Watch to the Myzone phone app when working out? 

Open the Myzone app on your smart watch. Select the "watch" option and then, on your phone, open the Myzone app and tap My Tile.  

Do I need to have my phone with me to use MZ-Open on my smart watch? 

No – the watch has storage and once synced, can be used without the phone present. There will be a message be on your watch telling you there is data to sync. 

Do I need wi-fi to upload my data in the gym at the end of a workout? 

A successful upload depends upon a strong internet connection. If you are streaming to a gym display and you notice it is offline, let staff know so they can make sure you get the MEPs for your effort. This icon shows when a system is offline: .

If you are using your app, check your mobile network strength or the network you are connected to.

Does my workout upload automatically? 

Yes, it will upload automatically when you use the Myzone phone app while you use your watch. You can view your summary in the app if you are using your watch to view your tile. If not, connect to the app after your workout to upload (just like with a belt).

How do I stop a workout? 

Swipe left and confirm you want to end your session. If you are not already using your phone app, open that to upload your workout and view your results 

Can I use it for all in-app features, such as Zone Match? 

You can use your watch with all Myzone app features in the Myzone phone app. The watch app allows you to view your tile only. 

Can I use other apps to track my workout as well as MZ-Open? 

Yes, there are no extra steps for Android users.  If you are using an Apple Watch and an app other than Myzone to record your workout, Myzone will take your heart rate data from Apple Health to read and reward effort for MEPs. Find the full steps here.

Can I use both my belt and MZ-Open watch together? 

Yes. If you wear your Myzone belt with your smart watch, the Myzone belt will be the one displayed on the app and gym software. The workout will only be recorded one time.   

What is the difference between a Myzone device and a smart watch with MZ-Open? 

Myzone devices such as the MZ-3 chest strap or the MZ-Switch offer the same benefits as MZ-Open – seamless connectivity in the gym, accurate heart rate tracking, access to workouts, and more. The difference is that Open gives you access to this from your smart watch, with no need for two devices. 

Is a wrist monitor as accurate as a chest strap? 

While wrist monitors are 95% accurate to an EKG machine, a chest monitor uses EKG pads, and will always be more accurate. MZ-Open will allow you to experience all the benefits of the Myzone ecosystem, such as connected fitness, effort rewards, and the greater community, and if you would like the added accuracy of a chest strap, you can add a MZ-3 or MZ-1 to your account.\

Why do you need to pick an activity? 

Myzone uses the watch's smoothing mechanisms to optimise your results. These are unique for each activity. 

Do I need to switch activities? 

Your workout will continue to record if you do not, but we recommend switching activities for the most accurate heart rate tracking and synchronization with your fitness apps. Swipe left and end your workout. Start a new one and select your next activity. As long as this is done in less than 1 minute, there will not be a gap in your workout. 

Does my watch live stream to my account?

No. Your MZ-Open workout will be stored while you’re exercising, ready for upload once you connect to your phone app in an area with strong internet.

Why isn't my watch listed as an option when I start a workout on the Myzone watch app? 

You need to add your smart watch to your profile. On the app, tap the device icon and then "Add a new device" to be able to view your watch on your app.    

Why do I need a Myzone account to use MZ-Open? 

You need a Myzone account so Myzone can work out your maximum heart rate and zones, giving you the most accurate experience when exercising. We calculate your zones using the HUNT formula, which is 211 - (0.64 x your age). This ensures you get the most accurate, safe, and inclusive training experience with Myzone. Your account basics are also used to estimate calorie burn, display your nickname, and give you access to all the Myzone community benefits such as seeing your name on screen, chatting to friends, and commenting on workouts. 

Check out the Myzone website for further information. 

Myzone 3 FAQ

Myzone 3 FAQ